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All artists from Rockingham and surrounding areas are invited to participate in this exhibition.

  • Entry Fee: $10 per participant with no limit to number of pieces you can enter.

(Please note some pieces may be excluded depending on space available, if more than the anticipated number of works are entered.)

  • Commission: 20% commission will be taken for all Sales during the Exhibition.

Your initial registration fee is the minimum fee requirement and will be deducted from any commission taken, if your commission exceeds this amount.

  • Pieces can be 2 or 3 dimensional and represent your individual interpretation of the ‘black & white’ theme.
  • It is up to participants to price their work for sale, or NFS (not for sale). While the majority of works will be on display for the whole Exhibition and collected on Sunday, artists may choose to have smaller items available for on the spot purchase
  • All pieces submitted must be included in your Catalogue List (attached) to be submitted with your Entry form or separately by Friday 30th March 2018.
  • All pieces must be delivered to the Exhibition Space at the Rockingham Arts Centre between 9.00am and 11.00am on Friday 6th April.
  • All pieces must be collected after the Exhibition between 3.00pm & 4.00pm on Sunday 15th April.
  • Any works sold must be collected by the purchaser between 3.00pm & 4.00pm on Sunday 15th April. If works are not collected, it is the responsible of the artist to make contact with the purchaser and arrange for an alternative collection.
  • All participants are encouraged to volunteer for at least one shift at the Exhibition
  • Payments for works sold will be distributed to the individual artists within 2 weeks of the exhibition. Please indicate on your entry form, how you would like to receive payment.
  • The Exhibition Opening will be held at 7.00pm on Friday 6th April.
  • All participants will receive an Invitation to the Opening, as well as VIPs and other guests. Participants in the Exhibition, are also welcome to invite any family or friends .

Please click on the register now link below to complete the Entry Form by Friday 23rd March

or email for an email copy of the form.

If you have any queries, please contact Bec on 0424 473 880

or email