KSCM Stallholder Application
Please let us know where your main studio / work area is located. eg: Hamilton Hill
Each standard stall space is 2m wide x 1m deep. You may request extra space (width) for free standing display equipment in full or half stall increments. Please tick which of the following fits your stall requirements
While we will do our best to accommodate all stall space requirements, we are also committed to providing opportunities for as many local artists / businesses as possible. Please select one of the options below to let us know your flexibility on stall space.
Please upload one jpg file. These images will be used for our selection process and for promotional purposes if your application is confirmed. In order to give us examples of a range of your products we suggest that you either include a single image of your stall at a previous market - or you combine several images into one. Please refer to the pre-registration information for examples.
Thank you - we will be in touch soon!
Please allow up to 4 weeks for our application process.
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