BecBEC THOMAS (Chairperson & Ceramics Studio Coordinator)

Bec is passionate about all areas of the arts including Ceramics, Mixed Media Painting and Writing. With a background in Local Government, Community Development and Programming, Bec is enthusiastic and dedicated to creating a variety of programs and services at the Rockingham Arts Centre.





Milton BlanchMILTON BLANCH (Vice Chairperson)

Milton is an enthusiastic author of children’s stories set in Australia and SE Asia. He also utilises several other writing genres. He is keenly interested in developing authors in several SE Asian countries. Milton considers the Arts Centre to be a practical means of developing all art forms within our community and seeks to promote the arts as a popular multi-cultural community activity, easily accessible, reflective of current community trends.




Tanya is Passionate about family, ceramics, gardening and sewing. Born on the east coast she migrated to Rockingham almost 20 years ago to raise her family. With a background as diverse as the roles she has tackled over the years, Tanya is passionate about seeing things done to benefit everyone involved.





Teena Raffa-Mulligan is a reader, writer and daydream believer who is convinced there is magic in every day if we choose to see it. She is the author of more than a dozen books for children and many of her short stories and poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies.  Teena shares her passion for books and writing by presenting talks and workshops to encourage people of all ages to write their own stories. Her writing life has also included a long career as a journalist and editor.