For members who have previous Ceramics Experience or have completed 2 of our 4 week Beginners Classes

FEES: $100 for a 10 week term 

Do all the creating and glazing at home using your own glazes, or create your pieces at home and join any of the social groups during the term to glaze your work using the studio glazes

Maximum of 8 pieces per fortnight (non cumulative) for 1 firing only. (bisqueor stoneware glaze)



interior space 400 x 400 x 400mm

Bisque Firing 1000°C – $50

Earthenware Glaze Firing 1080°C – $50

Stoneware Glaze Firing 1280°C – $60

Alternative temperatures (below 1300°C) available on request – $60

  • Our kiln hire is available for FoRAC / RCS members
  • Our firing options are for clay / ceramics items only
  • Please allow at least 2 weeks in advance – subject to availability – when requesting a booking.
  • Please make sure you are available to assist in loading and unloading the kiln when confirming your booking times.
  • Your work cannot be stored in the studio either prior to or after your scheduled firing.
  • You will not at any time be required or able to operate, load or unload the kiln without a committee member present.
  • Failure to collect your work at the designated time may incur an additional fee of $15 per day.
  • If your work does not fill the kiln – no refund or discount will be offered.
  • If your work exceeds the kiln space – our firing officer can recommend the best use of the space – but it will ultimately be your choice which items get fired
  • When preparing for a glaze firing – it is your responsibility to ensure the following
    • all your work is made from the correct clay and glaze for your firing choice
    • all your work has at least 3mm space between the glaze and the base of the piece, or is sitting on stilts, or is sitting on a tile at least 10mm wider than the base of the piece.
    • any work made from clay containing grit is sitting on a smooth tile
  • You will be responsible for the cost of any damage to the kiln or kiln furniture as a result of your work.
  • Payment details will be provided when a firing time has been agreed on.
  • Full payment must be made at least 1 week before your scheduled firing date to confirm your booking.